What is mastering?

Mastering, or post-production , is the final process of any given media production.

Usually this involves

EQ'ing (optimizing the frequency range)
Dynamic processing
M/S (Mid/Side) Processing
Stereo field processing
Dc offsets removal
Phase correction
Declicking/Denoising/Dehumming, restoring old recordings
Reordering of the track running order and setting of track IDs (PQ-Coding)
Fade In / Fade Out of the tracks
Mixing (f.e. Mix-Compilation with no pauses)
Cleaning and setting of individual pause length.


This is a list of some of the projects we have been involved in so far.

Name Genre Services
Mc Clemens Hiphop/trap Mastering & Productions
Raskl DnB Mastering
Mark Rydahl Pop Mix & Mastering
Sweet Evolution Rock Mix & Mastering
Chiloux House Mastering
Nico Defrost DnB and Dubstep Mastering & Productions
Kanyle Massakren HipHop Vinyl Mastering
Annemarie Zimakoff Pop Remix & Mastering
Shainet Odimonye Trance & House Vocal Productions
Vana Trance, Dubstep, DnB & Pop Vocal Productions
Cecilie Bøttiger House Vocal Productions
Coma Sound Dubstep and DnB Mastering & Productions
Crystal Meth Busters Trance Mastering & Productions
Electro Static Disorder (ESD) Trance Mastering & Productions
Duce HipHop Mastering & Productions
Astrid Reinhardt Pop & DnB Vocal Productions
Mika Productions Games Industry Sound Productions
Rack Attack TripHip Mastering & Productions
Hasle inc. Film Industry Sound Productions
Mc Black Daniels HipHop, DnB & Dubstep Vocal Productions

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Sacki Productions is a mastering facility in Copenhagen, Denmark. We have mastered music for over 10 years and we have all the necessary equipment for today’s mastering tasks. We like to push music to its limits and we treat every mastering as was it our own. The main mastering engineer is Jacob Cederberg. He is a teacher/producer at a production school called PNUC and has more than 15 years of music experience with mix, mastering and producing. check out his own music SACKI MUSIC

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Sacki productions includes
2x Chillout rooms
2x Kitchens
2x Bathrooms/WC
a guest room for long distance travellers
and of cause the main mastering studio.

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Sacki is the name of the mastering studio, but it is also an artist name.
Here you can listen to some of the music that has been released over the years

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